Cable Float

Cable floats (Flootzer) are made to keep cables, pipes and hoses afloat. Different names for this type of product are used. You maybe know these floaters as cable floats, pipe floats or hose floats. At De Wit BV the floaters are called Flootzer. They all have one thing in common and that is the function of it. It will keep your cables, pipes or hoses afloat.

Cable floats are widely used for cable support during landfall works and beach pull. It is an alternative for very shallow water installations.

The cable floats are inflatable cylinders. For each kind of cable, pipe or hose a Flootzer is available. The most common used Flootzer is the Flootzer cable float 600 which can carry a weight up to 600 kg. A big advantage of inflatable floaters is that they won’t use a lot of your space when not in use. This makes the inflatable Flootzer a perfect product for multiple projects.

Depending on the situation a calculation for the ammount of Flootzers will be made, because every project is unique.

Types of Cable Floats

There are two kinds of Flootzers available. As you can see on the rightside of our website a Flootzer with two cylinders or one cylinder can be used. The type of Flootzer will depend on the preference of the customer. When looking at the demand, the Flootzer cable float 600, which is the one with two cylinders attached to each other, is the most commonly used.

Using Cable Floats

The Flootzer is a good opportunity to keep the cable, pipe or hose of the soil. When dragging the cables across the bottom, this will cause a lot of damage and can lead to leakage. Using the Flootzer no contact is made with the bottom. The inflatable cylinders keeps the cable, pipe or hose in a horizontal position.